Machinika Museum Walkthrough

Welcome people to our Machinika Museum walkthrough and guide. We will cover all of the puzzles needed to complete the game. There are various ways to go about it and this one is something we felt was most efficient.

In this mystery game, you get to investigate and talk to extra-terrestrial machines in an unknown language. You will need a combination of reasoning and intuition to solve most of the puzzles.

You are an investigator and a space museum conservator of sorts. Various alien items found in space expeditions are sent to you to evaluate, estimate, and make sense of.

The goal is to discover what happened to the machines and what fate befell their previous owners. Of course, things get spiced up as the game progresses and you will have to use your logic, observation, and creative thinking to solve the conundrums as you uncover a story that spans across the entire galaxy!

About the game

Machinika Museum puzzle game was developed by Littlefield Studio. It is an indie crew stationed in Paris, France, and this game is thus far their only published gem. The game was published for PC, Android, iOS, mac OS, and Nintendo Switch in March, 2021. It has garnered Very Positive reviews.

This is a digital 3D mystery puzzle game, very atmospheric and aesthetic. However, what really sets Machinika Museum aside is that you need to interact with alien machines and software. This means that you will also need to figure out the purpose of most objects you come across as well, which makes the game extra challenging.

Without further adieu, we begin…

screenshot 1
screenshot 2

The game opens on a wide shot of the full moon, announcing the atmosphere we will encounter and setting the mood.

screenshot 3
screenshot 4

Machinika Museum explains the basics fairly well. The first few scenes of the game are basically a tutorial to how things work. Depending on the device you are playing on, just tap, hold, and swipe or click and drag the screen to look around. Double tap or click to interact with the box here.

screenshot 5

On top of the box is an opened envelope. To read what’s inside, drag the document out in a familiar fashion.

screenshot 6
screenshot 7

As before, depending on the device, pinch out or scroll to zoom in or out of the object view. You can also tap & hold to move it around. This is not necessary now, but it will be your bread and butter throughout the game.

Also, read and examine everything carefully if you want to attempt to solve the puzzles yourself at first. Everything is a potential clue. Be that as it may, this is just a letter from some other department in the museum building. It contains a humorous explanation of how they complied with your character’s request from before.

Tap anywhere on the empty screen to leave the object interface and then pinch the screen to zoom out or the box object.

screenshot 8

Now, you will need something to open the box with. And, the scissors next to it are an obvious choice. Drag and spin the camera around the box until you see the scissors on the same desk as the box.

screenshot 9

Tap the scissors to zoom in on them and then tap again to pick them up in your inventory.

screenshot 10
screenshot 11

Tap on the empty field and zoom out, then tap on the top of the box to zoom in on it.

screenshot 12

Now drag and drop the scissors from the inventory onto the box lid to cut it open, as the tutorial instructions already suggest.

screenshot 13

After the tape’s been cut, zoom out and swipe the lid off to the sides to open the box. What comes out is a 3D printer, a tool we will rely the most during the entire game. This concludes the tutorial phase and thus begins our first chapter.

screenshot 14
screenshot 15
screenshot 16