Dream Life Chapter 1 Levels 1-5

Level 1

Good day, dear readers. We came up with a very exceptional game. This game is called Dream Life. An adventurous game for our ladies and gentlemen. A game that tests your intellectual abilities and thus proves that the right person chose this venture.

You have 30 stages in Chapter 1. Chapter 1 is called Shadow of Dream. This Chapter has 30 stages and shows you the extraordinary details of the human mind. The story follows a younger gentleman.

It doesn’t matter when your life takes a flow that you didn’t plan. But it can all show through 30 stages and make any transition easier for you. We will start from Chapter 1 Stage 1. The first stage in Chapter 1 is called Bouquet of love. The title itself shows you what awaits you.

We don’t have much time, let’s go on an adventure. The story follows a gentleman named Fredrick. Sitting without the presence of a friend is a real nightmare. Fredrick takes a sleeping pill because he can’t sleep. His consciousness has enormous difficulties.

It would be extremely hard for this man to stay up all night. The first thing that happens in the real world is that Fredrick is standing next to the hotel. He can’t figure out if this is a dream or not. He thinks this is a Holiday Inn Hotel.

Leena is waiting for him and he has to go up. Leena is Fredrick’s wife and they are staying in this hotel for a few days. She is waiting for him in his room. Today is their wedding anniversary. That is why Fredrick should go to her with a flower bouquet. So the first task is to make a bouquet.

You are standing in front of this Holiday Inn Hotel. You look at the hotel entrance. Before we enter this hotel, we need to analyze a few things. Look straight at the door and look a little to the side. There is a window on the left side of the door. That window is clean but not just a window without anything. Take Water Spray from the window and save it to make a bouquet. On the other side of the door is a wooden shelf.

There are complex flowers that we have to take. Flowers are free, but take more types of flowers to make the bouquet much more beautiful. It is important to leave an extremely nice impression. Take Rose, Tulips and some flowers. Now you can enter the hotel. We just had to stop in front of the hotel for a few things.

Entering the hallway of the hotel brings us the penultimate step before making a bouquet. We need extra things to make a bouquet. We start the first thing at the reception. On the left side next to the armchair is a table. That table is an ordinary hotel table but has a heart-shaped box. Let’s take this box because it is very important to continue. The right side of the hotel hallway is decorated with a key cabinet.

There is also a reception desk. There are a couple of things on the table that we need. We start with the Greeting Card. From the left side of the reception, move the pot and take the ribbon. In the right corner is a shelf that keeps our wrapping paper. We can take it all and save it because we need it for the next step. It’s making a bouquet.

There is chocolate in the heart-shaped box. It is a candy that we will add to the bouquet to collect bonus points from Fredrick’s wife. We start assembling the bouquet. By clicking on the flowers, you will combine each plant into one and thus make a bouquet. That’s the rule. Take the bouquet wrapping paper and wrap the bouquet. Click on the paper, hold the click and drag the wrapping paper to the flowers. That way you will wrap the bouquet. Then take decorative paper and decorate this almost finished bouquet. Sprinkle the whole bouquet with water to decorate the ornament.

Then insert a chocolate bar so that you can complete this beauty of gifts. And for the end, the most important thing is to make a Greeting Card as icing on the cake. In this way, you will complete this gift, which we believe will mean to Mr. Fredrick’s wife. Fredrick thinks this is a nice bouquet to present to her. He is excited to meet her today. Especially on this occasion. Leena is going to be so happy.

Level 2

Hello and welcome to our walkthrough for the game Escape Room Adventure – Dream Life Mystery 2021. This game has become very popular for a very short period precisely because it has too tense and strange situations. In the previous stage, we tried to please Lena, Fredrick’s wife. We had a meeting with her because it’s her wedding anniversary. It is necessary not to come empty-handed.

That means we had to give some small token of attention. A bouquet is one of those gifts that a person is not indifferent to. We tried to be a beautiful bouquet and to be a gentleman after these years of marriage. Let’s move on, there is no stopping because Lena is waiting for our next sign of attention. Good luck!

The second stage begins with Fredrick meeting his wife. He wished her a happy anniversary. Leena stands in front of him. Leena is a different type of woman. He says Fredrick is the personification and the right term for accuracy. That was sarcastic because Fredrick was late in Leen’s opinion.

To continue the story, Fredrick ignores her provocations. Instead, he says that today is a special day for the two of them and tries to maintain the level of romance in the air.

After a few minutes of uncomfortable silence, Lena wants to go further, she wants to tell him that she is hungry and that she wants to have dinner. The food court is downstairs. Fredrick would bring her sandwiches. He has reached the food court. Now he starts making sandwiches.

No one is here. You call for someone but no one answers. There is no response. Fredrick is going to make a sandwich for Lena by himself. So, the objective is to make a sandwich. To make a sandwich, Fredrick has to gather all the ingredients. This is an art that can be easily learned. The first thing Fredrick will do is take a napkin.

The napkin is placed on the table on the right side of the room. There is a water bottle on the table on the left side of the room. That has to be taken because, after the sandwich, Lena would like to freshen up and drink some fluids.

Open the kitchen door. It is a door that is right in front of our eyes, at the end of the hallway. There is a bowl on the kitchen counter for making and mixing ingredients. We take the bowl because now we are collecting the ingredients. Where do you think the sandwich ingredients are? That’s right, in the fridge. Open the fridge and take the ingredients. Ketchup, bread, meat, cabbage, cheese, cucumber. These are all the ingredients we need to make a sandwich.

Let’s expect our sandwich to be maximally gourmet style. On the far left side of the kitchen, next to the stove, there is a counter. There is a menu on the counter that shows what the specialty of the day is. Let’s remember these details. This is our guide to continue.

The display case located in the center of the kitchen, looking straight into the display case, is protected by a code. The code of this showcase is very simple. Those are the 4 characters we just saw on the menu. Cupcake, cheese, bread, and slices of bread. Click on the padlock in the lower-left corner of the picture and open the display case. There is a Cook Book in the display case.

It is a book that will mean something to us. Before we move on, know one very important thing. When we make a sandwich from some ingredients, the most important thing is that everything is hygienically correct. Therefore, we have to wash the vegetables before making smaller pieces for the sandwich.

Cucumber and cabbage are the two main ingredients that we have to wash in water. Take the bowl you found in the kitchen. Place it in the sink so that it is directly under the tap. Put cabbage and cucumber in a bowl. Click on the fountain. That way you will let the water flow and rinse. When the water reaches the top of the bowl, rinse the vegetables and return them to their possession.

Then take one cutting knife. A set of knives is located on the right side of the sink. Here, take a knife that will be used for cutting. Cutting meat is the first item. Select the meat and transfer the knife to the meat. That way, you will cut the meat and save it for a sandwich. Now comes the culinary work.

Go to the counter where the food is prepared. That counter is your big table located in the middle of the kitchen. There is a board where you can show how great a master Fredrik is in culinary skills. Select Cook Book. Here is a recipe for making a sandwich. You have the ingredients listed from number 1 to number 6.

You can arrange the sandwich ingredients in that order. First, select the cabbage and take the cabbage leaf. Then place the cucumber on a plastic tray. Drag the knife over the cucumber to cut two rolls of cucumber for the sandwich.

Then place the bread on a pastry board. It is our first ingredient that would be used to make sandwiches. We need two bread slices for a sandwich. We will make a sandwich on another plastic board. Place each ingredient you need on that board. Two slices of bread, cabbage, meat, two rolls of cucumber, ketchup, and cheese. Watching the Cook Book, you will follow the recipe and thus make a top sandwich for Lena.

A slice of bread is placed first. After that, you put the cabbage leaf. Two rolls of cucumber are placed over it. Now comes the placing of the meat. To make a successful sandwich, add cheese and ketchup. Another slice of bread goes over to fold the sandwich and the sandwich is made.

Above the sink is a microwave. Insert that sandwich to get a warm and crunchy sandwich. Take a hot sandwich after a few moments. Above the microwave is a cupboard containing a box. The box is where we will put the sandwich and the napkin. We’ll need a napkin so Lena doesn’t get dirty. We take the sandwich over from Fredrick to Len. She was thrilled because we helped Fredrick make one very tasty sandwich. A bottle of water that we took from the restaurant, we also gave Lena because it needs refreshment after such an extremely tasty sandwich. This concludes stage 2. Follow our sequel only on our site. Thank you for reading.

Level 3

Hello and welcome to our walkthrough for the game Escape Room Adventure – Dream Life Mystery 2021. This game has become very popular for a very short period precisely because it has too tense and strange situations. In the previous stage, we tried to please Lena, Fredrick’s wife. We had to make a bouquet because it’s an anniversary. After that, we had to help Fredrick make a sandwich because his wife was hungry.

Certainly, this is not something that requires a lot of work, but satisfying close people is the kind of small sacrifice we can make. Stage 3 in Chapter 1 got a very interesting title. The title is “Where is Lena”. The title tells us everything. We have to move aggressively and without relaxation. After all, we are gentlemen. Good luck.

Stage 3 starts when Lena is waiting for Fredrick. A stranger arrives at the Hotel where Fredrick and Lena are staying. His name is Van Eeden. A very strange man with a strange face. Dangerous face. A stranger is standing in front of Lena’s room when she is alone. Things are heating up. There is no trace of Lena. Where is she?

Lena’s diary is here. She wrote something on it. But the diary is now locked and Fredrick has to open it. You now have two objectives. Find the cassette and Read the diary.

We start from the first item. There is Lena’s diary on the bed. The diary is locked but that’s no reason not to save this item. We will need it. In front of the bed, on the chairs is a glass of water. There’s Kerchief, too. A kerchief is a garment that is worn on the head. Very nice item of clothing. Save this item.

There is a picture of you together on the bedside table. The name FRED is written on the picture. It could be a code of great importance. Keep this item too. Since the closet has a closet lock code on the closet, enter the word FRED in the door to open the closet.

Her Hand Bag is in the closet. The Hand Bag is an item worn by women and anything smaller in size can be placed in this item. In our case, there is a necklace that has the inscription LENA. It’s a necklace worn by Fredrick’s wife. This name is of great importance. LENA is the code for the diary kept by LENA.

Enter the LENA code in the log and unlock the log. After that, we are served very important information. Lena wrote the last text in the diary. ‘’Someone is knocking on the door.’’

Lena is not here. Something is not quite right. Something has happened here. Someone came here. Something happened to Fred’s wife. Fredrick looks at the doll (Teddy Ruxpin speaking doll.) The doll can record and play the voice. Pick up this toy and save it for later. Move on. A jacket is hung on the finger next to the TV. Something is sticking out of his jacket pocket. It is a note. Open this note after saving it. On the left side of the note, it says 575 – 7328. The name below is Kevin.

The number 1 is written on the right side of the note. Number 17 is written below and the word AUG is crossed out. AUG can mean the month of August. Take a look at Kerchief right after that. This item says number 2 and the initials FL. It does not work. Fredrick should take out the cassette and insert it into the other audio player to hear what she was saying.

Turn the teddy bear. There is a place for an entry code. The code is 1-7-F-L. The back of the toy will open and take the cassette you need. Finally, he got the audio cassette. This is just the beginning. This is the beginning of something you didn’t want to experience. We move on to the next stage.

The next stage is stage 4. Lena is missing and we have no choice but to help Fredrick find his wife. One wedding anniversary that was supposed to pass quite normally and innocently turned into a horror scene that is just beginning. Let us be persistent and courageous. Follow our walkthrough. We are waiting for you to take the necessary measures together. Thank you for reading.

Level 4

Hello and welcome to our walkthrough for the game Escape Room Adventure – Dream Life Mystery 2021. In the previous stage, we had the opportunity to meet the first stresses that this game brings us. We wanted to get to the room where Lena was sitting and writing in her diary. An unknown gentleman entered the room and he is probably responsible for Lena’s disappearance. All this would not be strange if Lena had not left us a message in her diary.

She wrote in the diary that someone was in front of the door. We had to find the tape and the code for her diary so we could gather some evidence. That evidence is very important to us because we have to go in search of Fredrick’s wife. The wedding anniversary suddenly turned into chaos and a thriller story. We have to help Fredrick because we are his only support at the moment.

You are one click away from starting Chapter 1 Stage 4. The name of stage 4 is “Lena’s Voice”. Let us begin.

Before we get started, the condition to appropriate 12 diamonds is to achieve everything in 02.10 seconds. Lena’s Voice stage starts with you need an audio player. You saw the manager while using the audio player. But the strange thing is that there is no manager. He is the person who has to be at the reception and take care of that part of the hotel.

Manager’s room is locked. The key has to be in this reception area. Fredrick could see the keys were kept inside the glass shelf. The objective in this stage is simple. Insert the cassette into the tape recorder.

There is an exit on the left side of this reception. It is also the entrance to the restaurant. And the door at the end of the restaurant leads to the kitchen. Is that why we’re telling you all this? The reason is that we have to go so that we can solve every task at this stage. Above the sink is a dish rack.

At the top of the shelf is a seemingly harmless object. That doesn’t mean anything now. It is Jug. That south is empty. But we need to fill it with water. Put the Jug in the sink, place it right under the tap and let the water fill the south. After that, save the Jug filled with water.

This is exactly what we need. Now we have to go back to the room where it all started. It’s a reception. Don’t be afraid of your progress because it’s all a good thing. Progress is a remarkable thing. Pour water from your bowl. Pour into a fountain that is stationed in the central part of the room. There are three bowls.

Three bowls are sorted by size. Pour water into the highest bowl. From the highest bowl, the water is poured into the middle bowl and in this way, the middle bowl is lowered under pressure and thus the secret barrier is unlocked. Here is the key you need to appropriate to continue the investigation. Use the key to unlock the glass door behind the reception desk.

The only key you should take is the key in the second row, the first key on the left. It’s the only key that opens the door. Wondering which door opens this key? Good question. The door is right next to you, on the left. This is the room where the receptionist is staying. We’ll look at the corner of the room right away.

The left corner is where the garbage can is. By clicking on the bucket, you drop the bucket and take a piece of paper. It is a sticky note. A sticky note is a usable item. It is placed on a bulletin board that is placed on the left side of the wall. Place sticky notes on the wall and you will have to remember the order of these notes. It is not a demanding combination and it can be very important for the next period.

These combinations serve us to go further. Next to find Lena. Fredrick is a person who has his moments but loves his wife. The right part of the room has an installed door. That door is locked and protected by a code. Now our combination comes to the fore. Enter the combination from the bulletin board on the left side of the wall.

That way you can unlock this door. A closet is a place where things are stored. But when the closet is locked and protected by a code, it means that there is something that is not for everyone’s eyes. Books are two things that catch our eye and that we will preserve. We will immediately place these two books on the bookshelf. Logically, books are missing from the shelf.

One part of the shelf is revealed after the books are placed on the shelf. It is marked with red numbers. It says 01:15. Let’s say it’s a number that shows what time it is. Or it’s a number that shows for a while. Since there is a wall clock with a coward on the right side of the wall, we have to be perceptive.

By clicking on the buttons on the left side of the clock, you move a certain hand. Adjust the clock so that the time is set to 01:15. The lower part of the clock is kept as a barrier. A secret barrier guarding the Door Handle. All the more interesting than the more interesting. What does the handle do? He opens the door.

Perfect. There is a closet under the bookshelf. That’s where we’re going to install the handle and open this little door.

Exactly what we were looking for. The tape recorder is a device that serves us to play a tape. Open the cassette compartment, insert the cassette, and click Play. You will hear Fredrick’s, Lena. Her words are troubling as she asks Fredrick to save her because someone is trying to kidnap her. Passionate scenes interrupted the stage.

This stage has been successfully resolved, but that does not mean that Lena is safe. Will Fredrick save her? Do we have time to find her because it might be too late for her? Follow our walkthrough and find out what awaits us in the next stage. Thank you for reading.

Level 5

Hello and welcome to our walkthrough for the game Escape Room Adventure – Dream Life Mystery 2021. In the previous stage, we had to explore the reception. But the reception was not the main venue. The room next to the reception desk serves to station the receptionist. Lena was kidnapped and we found a tape that must be listened to.

The goal of stage 4 was to find the cassette player and listen to the content. The contents of the tape indicated to us that Lena was visibly frightened and that the tape was saved just for us. Someone kidnapped Lena and we have to find her. What next? What can we do? Fredrick needed help and only we could help him.

We will do our best and we will guard your back. We are here for you when you need the wind in your back. Let us begin.

You are standing in the hallway where the reception is. Again he caught up with his memories. Lena is standing next to Fredrick. She addresses him nicely and asks Fredrick to give her a teddy bear.

Fredrick will get that bear for Lena. Now comes the new task. Fredrick wonders how to get her a teddy bear as soon as possible. In the middle of Fredrick is a game console. Since this console is mostly played by children, our protagonist wanted to ask one child to play instead of him so that he could make his wife Lena happy as soon as possible.

In return, Fredrick would retaliate in any way. This kid’s name is Stephen. His sister lost her Morpher. He asks you nicely to find that item for his sister. He is ready to do whatever you want him to do.

According to Stephen, his sister might have lost the Morpher upstairs. And the key is with the manager. You need the key to room no 246. But since this is the first time you meet the Manager of this hotel, you have to be ready for new games.

You can’t go anywhere without some counter-service. Give the manager some wine and he will give you the key. He has kept the special wine bottle in his room. So, there are two objectives in this stage. The first objective is to find the wine bottle. The second objective is to find the glass and make it glass with wine.

We immediately set out in search. There is a business card on the reception desk. It is an official card that shows someone’s business identity. The name Jane Smith can be seen on that card. The central part of the card shows certain characters that come to the fore.

This means that they are very important for the next period. We move on. The right part of the room, more precisely the reception desk, contains one ballpoint pen. That pen is the second item we will save today. Now let’s go to another room. This is where the manager resides. It’s the same room where we spent time in stage 4.

If you remember, the door to that room is right next to the front desk, on the left.

The moment you enter the manager’s room, you can see that everything is almost the same as in stage 4. But something has changed. Well, that’s it. What has changed, we are interested in. There is a TV remote control on the bed. If you pay full attention to this device, you will see that one button on the remote is missing.

That button is key. Lean the remote on the TV and run this famous virgin. You will see that one button must be pressed. That button is the missing button. There are gaps in the remote control. Use a ballpoint pen and press into the gap where the button is missing.

After that, it is seen that the image on the screen is blurred. In this case, the picture does not even exist. Only snow and 4 digits can be seen. The numbers are 5 – 2 – 1 – 4. We enter these numbers in the safe located next to the TV set.

Enter 5 – 2 – 1 – 4 in the safe. There are many things hidden behind the metal door of the safe. We are only interested in one thing and that is the book. Take the book and save it. By clicking on a book, you put this book in close-up. A close-up of the book reveals something very important to us.

The book says, Ryan. Each letter of this name has its color. It would be nice if we remembered these details because we think you need them for the next few moments. A very important detail is now coming into force.

There is a business card on the table in the reception hall. There are signs of different colors. Compare characters of different colors with the name Ryan. Ryan also has letters of the same color. Arrange these characters in a specific order so that you can enter this code. Wondering where to enter the code? Great question.

The code is entered in the desk drawer. The desk is located in the room where the manager sleeps. The table is stationed in the right part of the room. He can’t go wrong when you ask. Enter the characters in the drawer and we’ll show you the order.

As a reward for the right combination, you get a few keys hidden in a drawer. Maybe those are the keys. Now go up the stairs to the first floor. The stairs are in the back of our hallway where the reception is. Clicking on the stairs, you climb the stairs and come to the first floor and hallway where there is a glass case.

The shelf hides Scroll Paper. By clicking on Scroll Paper, you can open this item. So you can see what is written on the paper. It says Wine. Again each letter has a different color. But since the word of the day is Wine, you also have to enter colors and letters in that order.

Where is this word Wine entered? It is brought into the display case. The new display case is located in the room where the manager is staying. There is a display case next to the bedside table. On the right side of the bed. Enter the word Wine and open the glass door.

Take a bottle of wine and an empty glass. Now comes the last act. By clicking on the glass and the bottle, you place these two items in a close-up. Take the wine stopper out of the bottle and pour the wine into a glass.

Fredrick gives the manager a bottle of wine and gets the key from him. Everyone kept their part of the deal. All we have to do is see what Stephen does. Stephen is a child who agreed to help us. It’s not over, every memory has a big share in our adventure that was imposed on us for some reason. Lena is waiting for us, waiting for us to save her.

We are here to help our Fredrick. Everything has been analyzed in detail and we don’t have much time. The next stage is stage 6. We are going for new victories. Follow our walkthrough. Have a nice day. Thank you for reading.